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My Approach


Through our time together, you will experience yourself opening up in a warm, safe, and judgment free environment. You will benefit from gaining insight into your troubles, whatever they may be. You will see improvements in your mood and your behaviors through learning to understand and accept yourself, as well as others. You are encouraged to set your own goals and together we can work as partners to achieve those goals. Your participation as well as my education, experience, and proven techniques will guide you towards being the best version of yourself. The following are my most commonly used treatment modalities:

  • I am most drawn to Humanistic approaches, which focus on making a safe space for you to feel heard, validated, and accepted.

  • I use Solution-Oriented techniques to focus conversations on achieving goals in the most efficient manner.

  • I use Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques (CBT) to implement change by identifying and reframing negative thought patterns that can contribute to depressed mood, symptoms of anxiety, and undesirable behavior patterns.

  • I use Psychodynamic theories to connect your past experiences with your present behaviors and emotional reactions.

  • I draw from Structural Family Therapy techniques when working with the family unit as a whole. 

  • I like to bring in aspects of Narrative Therapy in order to support you in rewriting a narrative of what was once painful, but can now be retold with acceptance. 

I strive to provide an inclusive environment that is accepting of all persons, no matter what their struggle may be. ​​

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