Kids, Teens, &
Family Therapy

I have a soft spot for children and adolescents. Their hope is something that we adults can learn from. I have found that children and adolescents are quicker to take direction and make changes. I feel honored that parents trust me to help mold their young one in a way that can benefit them for the rest of their life. 

Special Needs
I obtained many of my intern hours doing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), particularly providing Positive Behavior Support (PBS). This gave me intensive training in working with children and adults with disabilities, particularly autism, among many other diagnosable difficulties. Through this work I excelled in providing behavioral therapy, as well as educating parents and caregivers in how to best provide support for the individuals that they care for. This knowledge inspired my passion for working with families of those with special needs.

I have observed and participated in seeking to minimize and gain control of the challenges that many families face, whether their loved one is newly diagnosed or experiencing new challenges.

I have taught parenting classes in the past. I enjoy working with children, particularly when the parents are invested in learning techniques to support their child. I am very creative and can invent play-therapy techniques to be done via video to best cater

to your child's needs.​


I advocate for every adolescent to participate in therapy at some point before they enter adulthood. Adolescents often strive to be heard, and do not always have environments that facilitate that. Adolescents can benefit from learning what triggers them and how to put coping skills into practice when they feel triggered. Whether it be for symptoms of depression, anxiety, or any problem that they experience, I find adolescents to be highly motivated and eager to do the work.



I have experience working with family units as a whole. Often times families face difficult times from external factors or internal struggles. I enjoy working with the family unit to identify troublesome behaviors, and help the members support each other so that they may function in the healthiest way possible and come out of these challenging times stronger than they were before.