Multicultural Issues

I grew up as a first generation Middle Eastern American. This provided me with the unique opportunity to observe and experience many of the common challenges that immigrants and their first-generation American children face. While I have observed the many differences that make cultures unique and special, I have also learned people of various cultural backgrounds tend to experience similar struggles. One particular struggle is the challenge of trying to assimilate with the culture that has been sought out, while trying to remain connected to the culture that one identifies so strongly and passionately with.
I am well versed in such struggles and would be honored to support people as they navigate this challenging process. 

Therapy for residents of Middle Eastern Countries
I am able to practice online therapy not only with people residing in the state of California, but with people residing in Middle Eastern countries as well. Due to the lack of regulation in the field of Psychology in the Middle East, particularly in the Gulf Countries, it has become more common to seek support from therapists licensed in the United States of America, as the U.S. have a more rigorous and regimented licensing process.


If you live outside of the United States and are seeking support, I encourage you to reach out for a free consultation to see if we may be a good fit for working together. I have experience working with people seeking support who are from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.