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Couples Therapy

Working with couples is the main reason that I became a Marriage and Family Therapist. It brings me great joy to be invited into your most intimate relationships, to learn about the history that you each bring to the relationship, and how you find a way to sync two lives into one. I have found that couples tend to have better outcomes when having difficult conversations with a therapist present, as it encourages them to be on their best behavior, to fight fair, and to really hear what the other person is trying to say. 

Some couples come to therapy to find out if they are a good fit for each other (premarital therapy, for example), and some come to smooth out the bumps in their road. Some come as a last resort to try to save a relationship that they value so strongly. It is my honor to help each member of the couple be the best version of themself in order to benefit the relationship as well as for their own well-being. I have worked with couples of all orientations and types. 

For some couples, therapy is a way to help the individuals separate from each other in the smoothest way possible. I am happy to support couples in transitioning from a single unit to 2 individuals who are embarking on their separate lives, and grieving the loss of the relationship that they once had. There is no shame in seeking support to help you separate.  

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